A great beard is not born, it’s made - A Beard Care Guide

Enhancing you’re beard is very doable for anyone who seeks it. Here are all of the tips, tricks, and products that will make your beard fuller, softer, healthier, and more flattering. Long beard or short the same rules apply and whether your maintaining a beard for first-time or forever, there’s always room for growth (pardon the pun).


What’s Your Beard Style?

Just like the hair on your head, there are many ways to style a beard. You want to find a style that will be the most flattering for your face shape. If you have a long face, keep the sides fuller, if you have a round face shorten the side and lengthen the style. The general rule is to allow the beard to soften any extremities, and pull everything closer to a central place.


Be patient – Let it Grow

A good beard takes time to grow and to be able to style it you need to let it grow past the final product. Even with a patchy beard or thin beard you will be surprised how much fuller it looks when you let it grow out. Unlike the hairs on your head beard hairs grow out thick and scraggly, and they fill in those patches after a while. So be patient and have faith yourself and in your beard. Once remain steadfast it only gets easier and then your beard just becomes a fact of life. Follow the next steps.


Finding your line

Unless you’re in quarantine and not seeing anyone, you want to at least make sure the edges of your beard are clean. Few people have perfect beard line that does not need shaving.

  1. Shave the outliers making sure not to cut into your beard, well at least not yet.
  2. Shave your neck - the rule of thumb is two finger widths above your Adam’s apple.

Do not be too concerned about the look of your beard for the first month or two, it actually changes the shape of your face as it grows. You need to get past those initial stages. If you like going to the barber have them line you up to the maximum hairline. You have to give your beard its full growth potential before you try to shape and mold it.


Trim as it grows

As your beard grows you can begin to trim it. Layering your beard will give you a nice groomed look. Having every hair on your beard be the same length makes your face look too wild and unruly. This will cause others to be distracted by your beard instead of admiring it. Your beard should fade in giving it more layer and texture. Since every beard is different and every face is different fading and layering can mean different things. Trust your instincts and look up different styles online to find your best look.   


Care with Conditioners

Beards get itchy and its annoying. Thankfully there is an easy solution - beard oils and balms! It’s amazing how quickly they work. Beard oils help moisturize the skin underneath the skin, help promote growth and sheen and make your beard much softer. Beard oils also give you the ability to shape and control your beard more easily. They also make your beard look fuller and more healthy. The benefits are endless!

HOW DO YOU USE BEARD OILS AND BALMS? Pay close attention. Only apply beard oil or balm to your beard when it is damp. Do not attempt to put beard oil on a fully dry beard. The oils will not absorb into the hair shafts and will leave your beard oily which will transfer to your hands. When applying beard oil or balm make sure to get it into the roots. Massage any of them into your those whiskers, don’t be afraid to mess up your beard at this point — this applies to both short or long beards.

HOW MUCH BEARD OIL DO I USE? Just a few drops in your palm should be good for a beard 1 inch or shorter. The longer the beard the more oil. You’ll figure it out as the days go by. The best way to learn is from experience, everyone has the “I put too much oil in my beard” day.


Brushing and Combing

For Short Beards. Combs are not that necessary but brushes are. Brushing a short beard serves a number of purposes. First brushing your short beard will message and stimulate the skin. This helps reduce beard itch, ingrown hairs, distributes oils, and promotes faster growth. It also grooms your beard and helps style and shape. A good beard brush has a firm bristle, since beard hairs are thinker and scragglier they need a stronger bristle to navigate through the, Otherwise you bristle will lay over the beard rendering the brush useless.

For Long Beards: Brushing your beard regularly will maintain its brilliance and will be more constantly tamable. This also helps to distribute the natural oils produced in the skin, which otherwise collect at the base of the shaft and only nourish the bottom of each hair. For big beards, you have to move to the comb as the brush will only reach the outer parts of your beard. Combing and brushing regularly will, nourish the whole beard to prevent breakage, frizzing, and split ends.


Supplements and hair growth tricks and techniques

VITAMINS. Beard Growth vitamins can help your existing beard hairs grown thicker and faster. This is not an exact science and you may read many articles out there that say vitamins will not work unless your body is actually deficient in a specific vitamin. Nothing is guaranteed, some say they work others say they don’t. Try them out and see if they work for you.  


ROLLERS. Derma rollers create micro incisions in the skin where supposedly new hairs will grow. They can also cause existing hairs that were weak to reach full potential. Again, you will find mixed reviews on the internet where it has worked amazingly for some and did absolutely nothing for others. If you do use a derma roller though, make sure to follow the directions very closely and keep your face very clean.



At the end of the day, if you care, then you must maintain your beard. It will add a minute or two to your daily routine. You will need extra Items in your bathroom to care for your beard. But when you have that beard staring back at you all rugged and handsome it will all be worth it.  


Master your Craft. Master your Beard.